About CLL


Our mission is to demystify local politics and raise awareness of how certain issues impact the Latino community of Washington State.

The Center for Latino Leadership is a voice for Latinos who focus on the issue rather than the party. Since 2014, CLL has been advancing an authentic conversation between Latino community leaders and legislators in both parties. CLL promotes bipartisan conversation and collaboration on the issues that truly matter to our community.


Language and Culture

We understand that a large portion of Hispanics living in Washington are bilingual, however many do not speak Spanish. We value our heritage and the culture in which we were raised and we understand that speaking Spanish and being culturally Latino are not mutually exclusive.

We keep our culture alive in Washington by gathering for local events and with family discussing the most pressing issues concerning our community.

Family and Community

Our families and community are closely connected. We know that families need support from their surrounding community in order to learn and grow.

Our Environment

Our environment is important to us because we care deeply about the next generations who will live here. We realize that Washington is the greenest state in the country and we like living here because of that. We also realize we could do more to protect our environment but that our immediate needs must be met.

Politics and Government

Family comes first means everything else comes second. We often wait to get involved with local government or politics until it interferes with our family, business or community.

We know our population matters and is talked about on a national level. We are not beholden to any party but instead are looking for leaders who will listen to the issues that matter to us.

We take a stand for issues that affect our entire community and have the potential to change. We also stand with people who stand for us or face issues like ours.